About Uniting.biz

Uniting.biz supplies discounted Microsoft software to congregations, agencies, members and ministers of the Uniting Church through a Microsoft ‘Open Charity’ agreement, and domain name registration and management for church and community groups. Uniting.biz also collaborates to provide other services to church and community groups, such as no-/low-cost website and email hosting by Uniting Church hosting.

This service is legal, legitimate and ethically sound since legal licenses are purchased through an authorised Microsoft large-account reseller for legitimate end-users within the Uniting Church. Uniting.biz maintains a master license register of all licenses purchased on behalf of Uniting Church bodies.

Rohan Pryor has been providing this service to the Uniting Church for nearly twenty years, initially through the Information Technology Services unit of the VicTas Synod, and since 2006 as an independent third party committed to the ministry offered through the Uniting Church. Uniting.biz is a partnership between Rohan and Kiran Oates Pryor, ABN 24 823 310 631.

For further enquiries, in order to simplify contact and minimise support costs, please start with an email message to microsoft@uniting.biz.